1. Carmen December 14, 2010 @ 10:15 am

    The reason it seems like pedos and serial killers are white are because the media, the only place you are getting your information, wants you to think they are not racist. They know that you will come to the conclusion that they think all hispanics are pedos and serial killers if they portray or report that a couple of them are. That’s bad for ratings. It’s better for business if you think they are all white.
    And I don’t think that whites are in the majority in this country anymore. I know the census, the census. Bullshit. Not everyone fills out that shit. There are a lot of people who don’t want to be counted.

  2. starfish December 31, 2010 @ 5:22 am

    I’m not sure how accurate the census is, but have you ever been to rural Utah? Not only is everyone white there, but they are also almost all blonde with blue eyes. And if you stop somewhere, for example to get gas or a soda, the people in the store stand and stare at you with freaky vacant stares (assuming you are not white, know what I mean). It’s like return of the zombies or something. And if you don’t get out of there fast, who knows what will happen. Pretty scary..

Why are all of the pedophiles and serial killers white men?

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So, I had started watching “Law and Order CSU” or whatever because I thought the eccentric detective with the curly gray hair was interesting. Then suddenly, the TV switched to “Law and Order SVU” and I was forced to watch this instead. (When you don’t have cable, things can be kind of limited on TV). SVU meaning Special Victims Unit – basically, sex crimes. After watching this show night after night during dinner time, my world view was getting distorted (I think or hope!). I was starting to think the world was full, I mean FULL, of perverts, pedophiles, and rapists. The rapist character in the Swedish film, “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” even looked a lot like a co-worker who I already thought was kind of weird and creepy. Seeing his sadistic doppelganger in that movie really freaked me out! When I told a friend of mine about inexplicably hostile co-worker, she said I should check Megan’s List to see if he was on it. She thinks that whenever men are weird to women – like they can’t just work with them peacefully but always seem to have some issue – that they are pedophiles and can be found on Megan’s List. Eerily, I did indeed work with a guy once who had no boundaries and was REALLY creepy. I found out later that he WAS on Megan’s List and was a registered sex offender. But anyways, what I was actually wondering about in terms of this post here is: why does fictional media only portray white men as pedophiles and serial killers. I mean, in the real world, men of all colors commit these crimes. But in movies and television, only white men seem to be the perpetrators?

Here are some theories or thoughts I have concocted in my spare time (without doing any kind of research, just sort of talking out my ass):

  1. Hollywood, so to speak, is afraid of depicting men of color as pedophiles/serial killers because they don’t want to be accused of stereotyping. But no, this doesn’t make sense! The media constantly portrays men of various ethnicity as all kinds of Bad Persons whether we’re talking about drug dealers, pimps, gangsters, etc. etc. How can it be OK to stereotype an ethnic group asĀ  murderers/rapists/thieves but not OK to depict them as pedophiles or serial killers?
  2. Some say that most serial killers are indeed White Men, so it is appropriate to depict them as such in mass media. I guess I can believe that. I recently saw a website called “Violent Clowns” or something – it features photos of real-life clowns who have committed violent crimes, including child molesters. All of the men (and they were all men by the way) were Caucasian. Of course, it has also been pointed out that the majority of people in the USA are white. So.. So maybe if we were looking at China, for example, we would find that all the serial killers were Chinese! ARE there serial killers in China such as we have here? Hard to say with the Communist regime’s powerful propaganda machine working overtime. For example, according to the Chinese government, there are NO HOMOSEXUALS in China! I don’t think I believe that.
  3. Real-life pedophiles really do seem to come in all colors. So, the second statement above doesn’t really apply. My original question remains unanswered in this case. But for reals – if you watch a lot of crime investigation TV like I do, you will notice that the sex criminals are ALWAYS white men. Wife abusers come from all ethnic groups, cheaters do too, but when it comes to perverts and cannibals – always the quiet loner white guy who no one ever noticed before.

starfish @ December 14, 2010

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