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  1. Mr. O June 6, 2011 @ 10:54 am

    I’ve always been afraid of using the euro potties because they’re on some kind of timer where the door opens after so many minutes. And they are self-cleaning, so theoretically, you could be trapped in there while cleaning fluid floods the compartment, or embarrassingly exposed to the world if you’re not quick about your business..

    As far as businesses being wary of bathroom needy strangers – I agree with you, having been a messenger. It’s a tough world out there when you don’t have a delegated bathroom to use during your work day. But, I knew this woman who worked at Just Desserts and she had to clean the bathroom, even when junkies would shoot up and squirt blood all over the walls and ceiling. Sounded pretty awful..

I gotta go!

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What kind of civilization only allows you to use the bathroom if you have money? i hate how you have to pay tribute to Muddy Waters before you can use their so-called rest room. I would hardly call it a rest. Every moment in there is like a mission impossible episode. You are lucky to get out with your health intact. It’s not just Muddy’s of course. I mean seriously. It’s the one thing we all have in common. You gotta eliminate. How is it better to piss in the street outside your restaurant?

While there is the occassional drunk who wants to hurl all over your clean bathroom and then walk out with not so much as a “thanks, pal,” most folks just want a clean safe place to relieve themselves. The self-cleaning euro potties at BART haven’t really taken off the way I thought they would when they were first installed. Maybe tourists use them, but I certainly don’t. I bet they have cameras in there. I guess I always imagine some fresh new hell awaits me beyond the sliding door. I am sure they are fine and we need more options like them. I am about done stepping in human waste. Don’t get me started on the canine crap.

Priority number one for any civilization: learn how to deal with your shit. Jeez!

Hina @ June 3, 2011

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