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  1. Mr. O February 17, 2011 @ 10:19 am

    Hmm. I didn’t know skin was like a sponge.

    I think it’s pretty hard to avoid all toxins, threats from the environment, no matter how green/organic/eco-conscious you are. This is why I was annoyed back in the 90’s by the gutter punks who claimed they had no impact on the environment because they didn’t work (??!!?) or pay rent but instead squatted and ate trash or something I don’t know.. The other day I was thinking about how I may contract something bad one day due to my bad habits – knock on wood. And all I could figure was maybe I’ll just have to kill myself at some point, what else can you do? Not to be morbid. And then I spent some time pondering how to go about doing something like that, but never came to any final conclusion before getting distracted by something I don’t remember what..

News at Eleven

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Don’t take a shower. You know, skin is like a sponge and will absorb much of what it comes in contact with. Because skin doesn’t have the capability of regulating absorption as well as the intestines, anything absorbed through the skin is likely to get into the blood stream, OK? There are more than 80 “regulated” contaminants like arsenic, fluoride, chlorine, and more unregulated toxins, like pharmaceuticals and the rocket fuel component perchlorate which are present in most tap water. You are inviting these chemicals to bathe with you, I mean, unless you have a water filter on your shower head. And while bottled water may taste better, there are no assurances that it is free of contaminants, because bottled water is largely unregulated! Many bottled waters with names that include words such as “mountain,” “spring” and “crystal clear” are actually tap water that has been filtered through a very simple (and inadequate) filtration system to remove enough chlorine so that it tastes better. Recycling isn’t much better than throwing that bottle in the landfill, you know. With the amount of energy it takes to recycle a plastic bottle you could make three more. And, since most plastic reprocessing leads to secondary products that are not themselves recycled, this material is only temporarily diverted from landfills. Speaking of bottles of instant health, don’t drink juice. You don’t drink juice, do you? I mean, unless you want Diabetes! Watching TV gives you cataracts so get off the tube, dude. Oh, and all organic food is contaminated with GMOs by the way. Wait, wait, not yet. But it’s in the works. Christ, don’t even think about having a glass of milk with that pot brownie. Everything from pus, (Yes, pus. rBGH milk is contaminated with pus due to mastitis that develops from the drug itself, which is the primary reason for homogenization) growth hormones, pesticides and pasteurization kills all the reasons for drinking the stuff in the first place. Duh, don’t smoke. You quit years ago, right? Aw, yea. Totally. And drinking? HA! Did you know that liver function can be hideously impaired? 25% of alcoholics wind up with liver damage! So hold on to life. Swim, (oh wait, water—–chlorinated water!) exercise regularly and, uh, what else is there to do? Read more books! Yay! Back to happy! High on life!

“Threats from the environment.” What a phrase. Created specifically to incite fear of Mother Nature! Media overload. Too much ‘news.’ This morning I want to pull the covers over my head and drown out the madness. Everything from air pollution to cell phones and dying bees, computer viruses, bio-wars and killer cat food, megalomaniacal mad men… sometimes the tide of things to dodge drowns my desire for anything. But wait… we are all going to die! Sooner or later, we are all going to die. There is no way to avoid it, and no way to know how long we will have life. So while we have life, enjoy it! By any means necessary, dammit.

Hina @ February 16, 2011

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