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  1. Hina February 5, 2011 @ 12:31 pm

    As a very, very gentle reader, I am quite disturbed at this obsession with killers and have never enjoyed dwelling on the whys and wherefores of their tendencies. However, I do think you make a great point. Anyone who goes on a shooting rampage is a mental defect no matter the color, but I have noticed that the media tends to want to medically diagnose whites who commit violent crimes and politically categorize people of color. I absolutely agree that it is the job of the propaganda machine to persistenly portray people of any color as savage, as quick to a justified anger, as naturally inclined to go berserk, grab a gun and steal your property out from under you, and knock you and your family into next week, raping any women that might be around. This mythology is very important to support the framework of our lovely fear-based culture. It also supports many industries! Of course the opposite idea is also very important to push: that people of color holding up the status quo are exceptionally brilliant. “He’s so articulate!” “She’s a credit to her race!” You hear that last one a lot less these days, but it still grates on my nerves. Give me an “O”…

    The media is not interested in portraying “reality” or the “truth” so don’t look at the news hoping to see anything more than a really bad tv show, with bad actors and horrible haircuts. Horrible!

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I know this topic can be pretty heavy and possibly off-putting to gentler readers out there. But it has been weighing on my mind. After hearing about the guy in Arizona who shot Rep. Giffords, I noticed that a lot of media attention was focused on his past history of mental instability and alienation from society. In most cases of white serial killers, a lot of analysis is also put into mental histories and how these men are unique aberrations from the norm. I can’t help but notice the difference between this and how the media treats men of color who commit acts of violence. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if he was of Arab descent, wouldn’t there be rumblings of terrorism and his connection to al qaeda or some such. Like that guy, Mohamud in Portland who was going to set off a bomb – they found some evidence of his having looked at terrorist websites. Well, Loughner (the Arizona shooter) looked at white power/anti-Semitic websites and Rep. Giffords was indeed Jewish, but no one seemed to think this very significant, and instead talked about how Loughner didn’t have any friends and was weird. And don’t you think that if Loughner were black or Latin, there would have been insinuations of his being connected to gangs and/or drug dealers? The media generally implies that kind of thing when something involves brown people, even when there is no concrete proof – that has been my observation. So, here’s a new postulation to add to the December post: maybe when a white man commits terrible acts of violence, the media concentrates on his mental instability in order to maintain the idea that white people NORMALLY are not violent and do not NORMALLY commit crimes. Only “crazy” white people are violent. As we may well know or suspect, the media (or powers that be if you may) wants us to believe that men of color are, for the most part, all DANGEROUS and hence, it is not unusual for them to commit acts of violence, and thus, we don’t need to bother looking into their mental history since it’s inherent in their cultures! Or maybe, I’m completely off base here and we should just trust in the authorities to look out for our best welfare..

starfish @ February 3, 2011

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