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Love Resume

starfish @ August 30, 2012 # One Comment

On a lighter note, I was rummaging around in my folders and found this old resume I wrote and submitted in response to a personals ad. Believe it or not, I got a date out of it, ha ha ha! Here it is: SUMMARY 34 year old, funny, slightly cynical dyke looking for hot sex […]

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Getting Deep in the Woods

Hina @ August 20, 2012 # 3 Comments

Against the current wisdom, I packed myself an extra large trunk and headed into the Michigan woods for a week to attend the largest all gal music festival in the United States. It is held the first week of August every year and has been since 1975. Some of the same ladies who went way […]

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Bye Bye BaGG

Hina @ January 4, 2012 # No Comment Yet

Don’t get me wrong. I was never standing in line to get into Bondage a Go-Go. Nor was I ever going early to get in cheap (if they even offer that). The last time I was there–years ago–the music sucked, the crowd was heteroppressive and boring, the drinks overpriced and the bondage weak. Very weak. […]

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I gotta go!

Hina @ June 3, 2011 # One Comment

What kind of civilization only allows you to use the bathroom if you have money? i hate how you have to pay tribute to Muddy Waters before you can use their so-called rest room. I would hardly call it a rest. Every moment in there is like a mission impossible episode. You are lucky to […]

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News at Eleven

Hina @ February 16, 2011 # One Comment

“Threats from the environment.” What a phrase. Created specifically to incite fear of Mother Nature!

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More thoughts on serial killers etc.

starfish @ February 3, 2011 # One Comment

I know this topic can be pretty heavy and possibly off-putting to gentler readers out there. But it has been weighing on my mind. After hearing about the guy in Arizona who shot Rep. Giffords, I noticed that a lot of media attention was focused on his past history of mental instability and alienation from […]

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Why does my cat seem effeminate?

starfish @ January 7, 2011 # 7 Comments

The other day I was watching my cat wash himself and it seemed to me that he was not the most masculine of cats. And then it occurred to me: why can’t Oliver be masculine and concerned with cleanliness at the same time? Or for that matter, why can’t he be snuggly, lithe and devoid […]

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Why are all of the pedophiles and serial killers white men?

starfish @ December 14, 2010 # 2 Comments

So, I had started watching “Law and Order CSU” or whatever because I thought the eccentric detective with the curly gray hair was interesting. Then suddenly, the TV switched to “Law and Order SVU” and I was forced to watch this instead. (When you don’t have cable, things can be kind of limited on TV). […]

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